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So, you are looking to build your own website, eh? Or maybe you have already done so and want to go further, taking the next step with your website?

Cool, let me show you how!

Whether you haven’t created your website yet but is looking forward to it, or if you have already built your website but not sure how to maintain it or solve a problem you have – You have come to the right place.  

Since you are on this website, I’ll assume that you are willing to learn a few things in order to move forward with your website (or soon to be)

But maybe the problem is…

  • That you don’t know how to build a website with WordPress
  • That you need someone to guide you through the jungle that is WordPress
  • That you feel overwhelmed of all the information on the internet (information overload is a huge problem in the time of internet)

No matter what your current knowledge of WordPress is, building, growing and maintaining a website is your ULTIMATE goal!

You want to share your information with the world through your website.

You are WILLING and you are READY to get started, to prove to yourself and everyone else that you have what it takes.

But how does someone actually make that happen? You are stuck and not sure where to look…

Trust me, I’ve been there too, most website owners have.

BUT, there is one way to move and that’s forward! And that is what I am here to help you with!

About Me 1

Hey there, my name is Christoffer and I am the crazy guy being obsessed with WordPress and everything that comes with it.

Why WordPress?

Just like you, I was once ready to start my own website. I was currently studying network and system administration in college (yep, I’m a computer geek) and wanted to blog about a student’s life in Sweden (where I live) As that was something I enjoyed reading but didn’t find much of it. I also like writing and journaling, which clearly helped.

So, I had to learn how to create your own website and learned that WordPress was the easiest way to do it. After starting to use WordPress, I realized more and more what could be done with the platform and as a curious person, I simply had to test that, and that, and this and also that.

The blog never became much after that…

I was quickly moving on to building new websites, without real meaning. I created an eCommerce store and gave it away to a classmate, I helped a trailer camp with their website, and I helped the apartment compound where I live with their website, which included a booking system for the laundry rooms.

I also continued to create websites for myself…

Soon, I had more websites that were realistically possible to manage, and I had to make a decision. Sell the websites or let them fall into oblivion. So, I sold the websites

And that’s when I got the idea…

Why not have a blog about WordPress? This way, I have one website that I can easily manage, while at the same time creating guides about WordPress, giving me the possibility to continue building and experiencing WordPress.

So, here we are!

I enjoy creating guides for others like you. It’s the best form of partnership, where I get to do what I love, and you get to move forward with your dreams.

So, if you haven’t created your website yet, why wait?

About Me 2
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