Top 5 Best Elementor Tutorials for Beginners 2

Top 5 Best Elementor Tutorials for Beginners

Elementor is an extremely powerful plugin that is being used by millions of websites. But Elementor isn’t easy to master and that is why you want to watch an Elementor tutorial when you open Elementor for the first time.

I love WordPress but I am not an expert on Elementor. Luckily, there are many others who are, and, in this article, I’ll list my top 5 best Elementor tutorials for you to check out. These tutorials are made for beginners in mind, so no previous knowledge is needed. Sounds good? Continue reading to learn more!

What is Elementor?

If you are not sure what Elementor is or why you should care about it, let me explain. If you have been using WordPress for a while, you have most likely used their editor called Gutenberg. This is the editor where you create your posts and pages with blocks. It works pretty well and gives you some cool options to make your post stand out.

But the editor will just edit content and it can be difficult to create good-looking homepages, advanced posts, sales pages or other forms of landing pages. It would have been nice to have a solution where you could build a page or post from scratch with simple drag and drop.

That is where Elementor comes in.

Elementor is a page builder that allows you to use elements to build your page. You drag the elements to the canvas and in doing so, building a beautiful website. Elementor also comes with templates if you don’t want to build yourself.

But Elementor has become much more than a page builder. In the version today, you can actually build a complete website, with menus, footers, and everything. This is making Elementor extremely powerful, but also very overwhelming for new users to the plugin. That is why I have listed my top 5 Elementor tutorials down below.

Top 5 Best Elementor Tutorials for Beginners 3

What You Need in Order to Follow These Tutorials

Before you start watching any of the tutorials, you should understand that if you want to follow along, you are going to need to spend money. While all of these tutorials can be found on YouTube and are free to watch, you will need to get what any website needs, hosting and a domain.

A domain is the address of your website, which people will enter in their web browser to access your website. I am using, and recommending, buying a domain from Namecheap. It will cost you $10/year and Namecheap includes something called WhoisGuard. If you don’t have this, your personal information will be publicly available in the whois database.

You will also need hosting, which is where your website will live. It is extremely important that you choose a hosting company that is fast to make your website load as fast as possible. Good support is also important so that you can ask for help when needed.

A company that fulfills these criteria, that I use myself, is SiteGround. They are one of three hosting companies recommended by WordPress itself. A hosting plan at SiteGround will set you back $45+ (depending on which plan you get).

Finally, you want to have Elementor (duh!). Elementor has both a free and a paid version and if you don’t want to purchase the Pro version, you can still follow along in some of the tutorials. However, to get the best experience and creating the best website, I highly suggest that you get the Pro version of Elementor. It will set you back $49.

These tutorials will also cover these steps in detail, so even if you are a bit confused right now, don’t worry. With that said, let’s check out the best Elementor tutorials.

1.      Web Monkey’s Elementor Tutorial for Beginners 2019

The Web Monkey Academy is a personal favorite of mine. He has created over 1000 hours of content and on his website, you can many other courses that are purely on WordPress as many other popular WordPress plugins that you should know about, like Yoast SEO.

In these tutorials, Web Monkey is building a business website for a fictional company. The website is a one-page website, which means that there is just one page and all the sections of the website are on that page, like the about section or the contact form.

The tutorial starts off with WordPress already installed. If you do not know how to get web hosting and how to set up your first WordPress install, you can check out my guide here and once you have logged in to WordPress for the first time, you can follow along with this course.

The tutorial will first build the website with the free version of Elementor. In this part, you will learn the basics of WordPress, how to use Elementor and get to the finished website. Once the website is done, Elementor Pro will be used to enhance the website and make it more interesting. It’s a good way to see what you get when buying the Pro version.

If you already know how to use WordPress, or if you have your website already, this is the ultimate tutorial if you want to learn Elementor.

2.      WebYoda’s Elementor WordPress Tutorial 2019

WebYoda has been created website tutorials for over 20 years and is well-known in the industry. At WebYoda, you can learn more than just WordPress. Other forms of website building like HTML, Java or general web design are also courses that are offered.

In this 3-hour long course on YouTube, you will follow along Yoda while is building a website from scratch. The video he is building is a travel/resort website with multiple video covers, animations when scrolling and a photo carousel, to name a few.

In the tutorial, you get to follow along for not just the homepage of the website, which is usually the most common in tutorials, but the whole website. Yoda will build about pages, inner pages, a gallery, and a contact page and he explains every step of the way.

You can follow this tutorial without purchasing Elementor Pro but some elements from the paid version will be used in the video. For the theme, the project is using a free theme called OceanWP that Yoda shows you how to download and install.

The tutorial is very step-by-step and perfect for beginners that are new to both WordPress and web design but still want to get a nice website up and running within a few hours.

3.      Ferdy Korpershoek’s WordPress Website Guide Using Elementor 2019

Ferdy Korpershoek is making WordPress tutorials on YouTube and has over 100K subscribers, which should say something. He has a lot of tutorials on building specific WordPress websites, themes, and plugins. He is also building templates for Elementor that you can download from this website.

In this tutorial, you will learn whatever there is to learn about Elementor. Ferdy will show you how you can use pre-built blocks and templates and how easy it is to edit them to suit your website. But you will also learn how to build a website from scratch.

The tutorial is covering more than just page building. Ferdy will build a complete website, with menus, footer and everything around a page, using Elementor. You will learn more advanced features, like how to use dynamic content to save time and give your posts different looks with conditional formatting.

In this tutorial, Ferdy will use elements from Elementor Pro, which means that you should get the Pro version before starting this tutorial. If you plan to use the free version only, you should check out another tutorial, either from this list or from Ferdy’s website. You should also have WordPress installed already as that is not included in this tutorial.

Even if the tutorial will cover the advanced features of Elementor, Ferdy explains it in such a way that even a beginner can understand, so even if you are new to WordPress, this is a great tutorial.

4.      Create a Pro Website’s WordPress Website with Elementor 2019

Create a Pro Website has both written guides and video tutorials for most things concerning WordPress. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about WordPress, plugins, and themes. There are also guides on general web design and eCommerce.

In this tutorial, we follow Dale from Create a Pro Website as he teaches you how to create a cool one-page website. You’ll first learn how to install WordPress and installing a theme and of course how you use Elementor.

This one-page website is using animated content, a gallery with lightbox functionality, testimonials, contact form and much more. You’ll also learn other basics such as creating your own logo for free without any software.

The tutorial is using the free version of Elementor and everything is very beginner-friendly. The focus is on creating a beautiful, functional website and not dwell on advanced features that you may not need.

If you don’t have much experience with WordPress, if you don’t have much money to spend on plugins or if you don’t have much time (or don’t have the patience) to watch a 3-hour long tutorial, this is the course for you. It’s packed with information for the beginner and in just 1.5 hours, you have your own website.

5.      Web Monkey’s Complete WooCommerce Elementor Tutorial 2019

This last tutorial is a bit special. This tutorial is also from Web Monkey but in this 4.5 hour (holy…)  long tutorial, you’ll learn how to build an eCommerce store using WordPress, Elementor Pro, and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the biggest plugin for building an online store with WordPress. It is a bit complicated to set up and use so watching a tutorial on how to use it is a good idea. The problem is that most tutorials will take a general theme that fits with WooCommerce. If you want to make your website look unique, this is not the way to go.

Fortunately, Elementor supports WooCommerce and with the page builder, you can build a custom store that is unique and interesting. For this tutorial, you will need Elementor Pro as the free version doesn’t support WooCommerce.

In the tutorial, Web Monkey will show you how to build a store from scratch to a fully working store. You’ll learn how to build your own mailing list to send newsletters to, how to set up payment processors and how to setup SSL, among other things.

The course is made for beginners and you can take the course even if you have never used WordPress before. It is, by far, the most complete video tutorial on how to get started with an online store.


To get the most out of a tutorial like the ones above, you should have a domain name, hosting and Elementor ready. To be honest, setting up WordPress and installing plugins is not the fun part so if you have already done so when you sit down for a tutorial session, you can start building asap, and enjoy the tutorial more.

I hope that this is making it easier for you to learn Elementor and which tutorial to choose. There are many of them out there but these above are my top recommendations. They are so good and step-by-step, that my mother could follow them, and she knows nothing about computers or building websites.

Remember that when you think about your dream website, you are the obstacle, not WordPress. Good luck with your website!

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