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Hey, I'm Christoffer

I have been building WordPress site 2014, so about 6 years now. It started with building a simple blog that I was excited about but turned out it was more fun with WordPress.

So I started building more websites for no reason other than the fun of it. On, I share my experience, tips & tricks and my opinions aobut everything related to WordPress. 

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What You Find on


These guides will help you move forward with your website. Learn new things or solve a problem.


Reviews that will help you make a better decision before you spend your hard-earned money on products.


Find the best plugin for your specific need or read a comparison between two similar plugins.


Helping you find the best theme for your website. There is a theme for every type of website, find it here.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). With WordPress, you can create your own website or personal blog in a very simple way. Closer to 31% of all websites on the web today is built on WordPress.

What makes WordPress such a popular platform is that it’s free to use and it is easy to get stated. There are also a ton of plugins that will extend the features of WordPress. With WordPress, you can make any type of website. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eCommerce, a business website or a personal blog. Anything is possible with WordPress.

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