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Hey, I'm Christoffer

I have been building WordPress site 2014, so about 6 years now. It started with building a simple blog that I was excited about but turned out it was more fun with WordPress.

So I started building more websites for no reason other than the fun of it. On, I share my experience, tips & tricks and my opinions aobut everything related to WordPress. 

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Did you know that there is a YouTube channel as well? For those times when you can’t bother reading or are not sure what the heck I am talking about in an article, you can watch a video instead.

On the YouTube-channel, you will find all the guides, product reviews and everything else you need in order to maintain your website. Have no website? Then the video next to here is for you.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). With WordPress, you can create your own website or personal blog in a very simple way. Closer to 31% of all websites on the web today is built on WordPress.

What makes WordPress such a popular platform is that it’s free to use and it is easy to get stated. There are also a ton of plugins that will extend the features of WordPress. With WordPress, you can make any type of website. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eCommerce, a business website or a personal blog. Anything is possible with WordPress.

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